Location: Tiszaroff, Jász-Nagykun Szolnok county, Hungary

The house: It is 800 meters from river Tisza and 2 km from a dead-end channel of the river. This 2-storey, 4-room, 2 bathroom apartment with a big hall and kitchen can accommodate up to 10-12 people simultaneously.
From the balcony you can have a superb panorama of the village, the river and the castle. Cooking, BBQ and sport facilities are also possible in the huge garden belonging to the house.
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The village: Tiszaroff is located among picturesque surroundings, right next to river Tisza. There are entertainment facilities in the village like paintball and squad and there is a great restaurant with intimate atmosphere. The place is one of the most flowered places in Hungary. Tiszaroff is proud of its beautiful castle, too. You can also find a ferry and a little port at the river.

The surroundings: Lake Tisza is 15 km. (Abádszalók and Kisköre alike). The city of Eger is within 1.5 hours distance and Szolnok is 40 minutes by car.

Holidaymakers!!! Who do we offer this house???
This house is an especially nice choice for families with children, parties of friends and lovers of fishing and water sports.
Further information: +36 70 277 0077

Prices: 12 Euro / head / day
The whole house costs: 70 Euro / day

The route from Budapest to Tiszaroff:

* Drive to Fegyvernek on Highway 4, turn left there: Tiszaroff is 20 km.
* On Motorway M3 get to Füzesabony, turn in the direction of Besenyőtelek, turn right there at the Unicum pub, in the direction of Kisköre. Kisköre is 15 km from Tiszaroff.
* In Budapest go along Jászberényi Road, leave the city and reach the town of Jászberény ( 70 km), go in the direction of Jászapáti, then Jászkisér and finally Tiszasüly, from there Tiszaroff is 2 km by ferry.


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